HP Moonshot (Welcome to the SeaMicro game)

Thrilled to see that HP now is joining the low-cost, low power and high density game with Moonshot.


Although I have not yet had time to dig in deeper to the product itself. It seems like they took the class from SeaMicro and are now doing the V1 of the SeaMicro chassis with the Atom processor. It will be interesting to see the difference in performance between the 2. Atom is not my favorite processor but I should probably see what this version can do.

Power (89% less) and density (80% less space) sec-moonshot-125x94looks pretty good.

One Response to HP Moonshot (Welcome to the SeaMicro game)

  • Christopher Smith says:

    I thought they’d claimed they could plug in ARM and Xeon processors too? Atom is kind of only helpful for generic low intensity web hosting type stuff.

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