Office 365 Pro Plus or not….

It is both pro and plus however….

Microsoft products have always been a bit of a challenge if you are a true Unix user with imap to Exchange (in my case with mutt). So I am afraid I am going to state the obvious:

I think this time that Microsoft have paid little or no attention to the community out there that rely on good api’s and clean imap implementation and have tons and tons of email.

So here is my experience so far:

- Imap is not really supported and works “most of the time”

- Delete a bulk of emails takes …. a while, feels like there is Microsoft servers in the back (joke). What happens from an imap standpoint is that your account locks up until the delete  (poor concurrency on the implementation on their side?). Exchange in its native form is quite a bit faster than the microsoft 365 cloud service. Maybe they need to scale their infrastructure?

- skydrive pro or no pro is a joke. Slow and what’s up with the differentiation. Yes I know they are doing the sharepoint thing, still sucks.

- Lync is probably cool for things like webex. But if you have webex?…. In that case it is just another IM client.

- Filters on the server side works, but I could not find (apply to all emails). So if you get a lot of different cron spams like me, you need to thank mutt and not the UI to be able to delete those quickly:)

Don’t I have something good to say you ask…:

- Well if you use a lot of office it is probably good. So I am going to go with: Business pro plus works for small to middle size companies where most of the devices are using Windows (although you have support for apple and android (to some degree)). I would just stick with windows in the org. This feels like a pretty clear attempt to make users of office stick with the m$ products (what else is new).

Although I am not a “google fan”. I still have to give it to them. goobook on ubuntu and python api’s to services (including voice) and a fast and functioning mail service. Google drive is easy to use and fast. (So is dropbox or my owncloud)…

One Response to Office 365 Pro Plus or not….

  • Christopher Smith says:

    A few thoughts after thinking about this a bit:

    1) You might try changing your “delete” action to “move to trash folder”. I bet the problem is that Office 365 prefers to do deletes that way. Of course, having to change your workflow due to performance problems is… annoying.
    2) Hehe.. funny you said WebEx. Skype (a Microsoft product) is better than both, and Hangouts is better than Skype. Hangouts is also much better supported across all platforms.
    3) The Google software packages are not as rich, but they do the simple things well enough, and increasingly people are leveraging the API’s to fill in the feature gaps where needed. If your needs are modest, it’s a better way to go, even if you are a Windows shop.

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