Strata Conf 2013 Santa Clara

It is awesome to see so much movement in the space of hadoop.strata

Here where the things that stuck out to me:

  • Hortonworks are getting vmware to get namenode redundant
  • EMC launched their fork off of Apache hadoop with increased integration with Greenplum via Pivotal HD and Hawk.
  • Intel wants you to use more computers and have done pretty much what horton did. Get your support from us (intel). And buy more hardware….
  • Riak was there (sounds cool).
  • Lots of buzz about Storm

I also enjoyed (really cool visualization of data).

All and all a great move forward for hadoop.

2 Responses to Strata Conf 2013 Santa Clara

  • Christopher Smith says:

    How do you compare Zoom Data with:

    • jgelin says:

      roambi looks like it is an analytics platform, e.g. more traditional approach e.g. microstrategy etc..
      zoomdata is google earth for data:)


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