Use your Samsung Galaxy 4S with AWS using SSH

Just switched from my iPhone 4s to != iPhone5.

So first (geek) question is:

how do I telnet?

The somewhat unexpected answer to me was Telnet IDE. It is a very natural implementation of a terminal. You just get a reduced shell on your android, but the really nice feature is the keyboard. You enable the keyboard under Settings->My Device->Language and Input. Just select Terminal IDE as your input and you will get all the keys you are missing. Like alt, arrows, ctrl etc.

So… now if you have your free instance in Amazon that I wrote about earlier. You want to ssh to that instance with your android? It turned out to be a bit of work….

I think this is the easy (ish) way.

Since you already have 50 gig on dropbox (if you registered your galaxy), might as well use it.

If you are using ubuntu in AWS, go ahead and add your dropbox repository with your normal way of ssh’ing to it:

create /etc/apt/sources.list/dropbox.list

with the following:

deb precise main

do the usual with apt-get update etc… apt-get install dropbox

oh and do install the key that get printed out as well:)

apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys  <key>

when you do dropbox start it does want you to add the host in dropbox. You can do that on your local laptop since you probably don’t have X installed in the AWS cloud.

Restart dropbox and you should have a Dropbox directory replicating your data!


Now you can get stuff from your phone to the AWS instance without effort:)

so we need a ssh key to use with amazon. To create the key on your android:

open a terminal in TerminalIDE and:

dropbearkey -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Now you have the key. Let’s add it to AWS.

Generate the ascii version of the key

dropbearkey -y -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa >/storage/sdcard0/files/id_rsa.txt

Now you can upload it with your dropbox app on the phone. Go to upload and browse to “Other Files”->”Internal Storage”->”files”

So now go ahead and ssh to your aws host. The file should be in your ~/Dropbox/ directory. Then just

cat id_rsa.txt >>~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Now you can ssh with telnetIDE:

ssh -i id_rsa

3 Responses to Use your Samsung Galaxy 4S with AWS using SSH

  • Christopher Smith says:

    I mostly use my phone as a hub rather than SSH directly with it, but I find VX ConnectBot ( pretty awesome for remote sessions.

  • Jan Gelin says:

    I don’t think it comes with the modified keyboard?

  • Mark says:

    +1 for the integration of the Samsung-promo-enlarged DropBox –I’d been wondering what to do with that space.

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